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First impressions say a lot about you and your brand. Manerk Studio creates professional portraits that will get you noticed.
The corporate headshot has evolved
Today, it is very contemporary, highly styled, and needs to immediately set you apart from your competitors. Are you a lawyer, a doctor, a real estate agent, a business executive, an author, a creative, a blogger, an artist, a designer, or a musician?
​Whatever your career choice, we believe your portrait should help define your personal brand.

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Personal brand photography is the art of using high-quality images to tell the story of your brand. Using photos to market and advertise your brand not only positions you as an expert in your field, but it gives your clients and your audience a more authentic brand experience and helps them get to know, like and trust you. Whether you are a coach, an online entrepreneur, an influencer or a public speaker, beautiful professional photography can really take your brand and your business to the next level (and increase your overall sales).
I would love the opportunity to assist you with your personal brand photography by providing you with a professional, customized photography session that brings every aspect of your brand to life. Not only will I help you create a visual version of your brand messaging, but I will also create a photo experience that leaves you feeling empowered and amazing. From the initial meeting where we outline the vision for your brand, to working with me and my team on location, clothing, styling and posing so every image supports your brand vision we will take care of you and your business goals. The resulting images from the session will draw in your ideal client and will make you stand out in a crowded digital marketing environment.
We offer half day, full day and annual memberships to help keep you top of mind and keep your marketing images fresh and on point.
Personal branding or lifestyle images are not only amazing for helping you grow your business, but they can also be used for dating sites. If you are looking to uplevel your dating profile with compelling images that help get you noticed, you have come to the right place. We have a customized questionnaire that help potential love interests notice you and help them connect with who you are.

Annual Memberships

We deliver quality content you can rely on.

Our goal at Manerk Studios is to give you the best content for your niche and help drive more organic traffic to your business, social media or web sites.


Are you looking for clean contemporary corporate headshots? Do you want your ideal client to get to know your corporate environment better? Or are you looking to highlight some of your favorite local spots in your professional business portrait session? Maybe you want to do all three. We invite you to shoot in our beautiful Laguna Beach Studio, in your corporate offices or on location in a natural environment. Blue Sky’s Will walk you through planning your session and help you pick the perfect backdrop to highlight your brand story. Think about color, backgrounds, styles and even props that will help you tell your brand story.

How Can we help you?

we are branding content studio

we want to give you a direction and guidance to building your personal brand online. we know it can be overwhelming when considering what you actually need to develop an online presence with personal branding photography and professional headshots but we are here to help! we want to provide you with a library of gorgeous images so you can show up as frequently as possible online. we want to help guide you through the process by helping you identify your ideal client, supporting you as we design a session to attract that ideal client and cheering you on as you develop a successful brand.



We ask, we plan, we take the post-production stage off of your shoulders. At Manerk Studios, our skilled experts handle putting the finishing touches on your images and making sure each image is flawless and will best represent your brand. 


Beautiful skin is our thing. We specialize in beauty retouching for any media, from large scale print campaigns to eComm. Our retouching artists are trained to see the elements that need to be addressed while preserving natural skin tone and beautiful texture. In beauty, the impact of the final image depends on the quality of the captured material, and we love helping our clients understand and plan their photoshoots with the ultimate result in mind.


It’s no secret that retouching macro beauty is a whole separate discipline within beauty retouching. With hundreds of macro beauty images in our portfolio, we pride ourselves on the ability to offer quality and expertise second to none. In macro beauty photography, skillful retouching must be applied to the highest quality original captured image, so we always recommend our clients consult with us before starting the production process and casting talent.

eComm Materials

Arm swatches, lip swatches, smears and anything else that requires precise color matching – we are very experienced in all that too. Reach out to us for any of your product page, website visual assets production and post-production needs.

Product Retouching

From eComm to creative product photography and product smears – we got you! We’ll take care of both production and post-production based on your vision and creative brief.

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We were looking for a partner that could help us create a modern look and feel on our website and provide the content we needed to rank better in search. Manerk Studios offered both and were great to work with from start to finish."

Mark Bennett


It’s so reassuring to know that Manerk Studios are never more than an email away. Quick responses, great value and excellent work. They come highly recommended!

Harry Jones


Manerk Studios creates great branded content and distributes it for maximum awareness with minimal input from us. Very helpful while we grow our team and scale the brand simultaneously.

Opal Jackson

Learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace

Design brings your brand to life. The rise of digital marketing has led to an explosion of needs in the design space. The art of design is in translating your vision, brand, and company objectives from concepts to meaningful and relatable visual realities. Effective design across your organization and on your marketing and communications campaigns is invaluable because the repeatable and recognizable look and feel gives customers a physical touchpoint for relating to your company and differentiating it from competitors.

Composite imagery is photography, computer-generated images (CGI), and/or stock photos that are blended together to create hyper-realistic or fantastical results. Using compositing, we can create anything your imagination can dream up. We’re able to take existing assets and merge them together, to create a seamless finished image that is indiscernible to the viewer. Every project is unique and all solutions are customized to ensure you get exceptional results that work perfectly for your campaign.
Compositing is like a puzzle that doesn’t come with a set number of pieces. Our compositing experts work to assemble the right pieces for your puzzle and shape them to suit your specific project.

We offers computer graphics products for 3D design, advertising, print materials, 3D animation and multimedia presentations. Dosch Design is dedicated to providing finely detailed, high-quality products at an attractive price.

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Experience Matters

We know content marketing. We’ve been a leading content marketing agency since 2008. Our teams of marketers, content marketing consultants, creative writers, animators, videographers, photographers, graphic designers and data-driven strategists work with clients across subject matter specialties. We design and execute agile content marketing campaigns that will attract your audience and push leads through the sales funnel for your business.